In this section, a number of frequently asked questions of applicants have been answered. If you have any questions, you can contact us through communication channels.

Can all age groups attend cognitive courses?

Yes, the courses are designed for all age groups.

How much does it take us to realize efficiency of cognitive exercises?

Efficiency of cognitive exercises will reveal at the end of third month of the course.

How much time should we dedicate to cognitive exercises daily?

Half an hour to one hour.

Who can attend the cognitive courses?

Any person who is 5 years old or older.

Are these courses held in group or private classes?

These courses are held both in group and private classes.

Does Dr. Pirhani have a direct role in and does he supervise the cognitive courses directly?

Yes, he directly supervises quality of the courses from start to end.

Is it possible to attend cognitive courses remotely?

Yes, we have taken measures for those who are interested in attending the courses remotely.


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Why Cognition?

In today’s world, cognition and science in general play a very important role in the military, media, Diplomacy, banking, education, the aviation industry and so on. Cognition consists of several important parts including thinking, analysis, control, estimating, guessing and decision making.


Ali Pirhani

Ali Pirhani was born in the historical city of Hamadan in 1985. His mother was a teacher and his father was a clerk. Reviewing of his diary…

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