Today, the hospitality industry is one of the most important and most lucrative industries in any country, and for example, a country like Turkey, unlike our country, has easily generated a lot of wealth from this source.

Nowadays, when we talk about hotel and restaurant management and hospitality in general, we are talking about an industry indeed. Today, hospitality is one of the most important and profitable industries of each country, and for example, Turkey, unlike us, has easily made a fortune of this industry, hence we should take a more scientific and professional look at this issue in our country. One of our weakest points in this industry on which we should work more seriously is the group of attendants, front office staff and waiters/waitresses. These individuals work in the frontline of this industry and they largely affect success or lack of success of a hotel or a restaurant. They should fulfil several duties fast and simultaneously and handle a challenging issue such as complaint of a client or guest like a diplomat and turn a threat into an opportunity using well-chosen words. Given the deep interest of Dr. Ali Pirhani in this industry, a special cognitive program is designed for this group which can be of great assistance to hotel and restaurant management industries in Iran.

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Why Cognition?

In today’s world, cognition and science in general play a very important role in the military, media, Diplomacy, banking, education, the aviation industry and so on. Cognition consists of several important parts including thinking, analysis, control, estimating, guessing and decision making.


Ali Pirhani

Ali Pirhani was born in the historical city of Hamadan in 1985. His mother was a teacher and his father was a clerk. Reviewing of his diary…

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