About Pirhani Cognition

About Pirhani Cognition

In today’s world, cognition and generally speaking cognitive science play an important role in issues related to military, security, media, diplomacy, banking, education, aviation industry, etc. It is indisputable that powerful countries in the world including the United States and England are investing vastly in cognitive science. Ali Pirhani, PhD, maintains that cognitive science is among the most complicated and mysterious academic topics in the world and governments have no choice other than paying special attention to this branch of science.



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Having considered all careers and professions, Pirhani Cognition  Academy  has managed to design cognitive courses to boost productivity of organizations. Furthermore, this academy has designed courses for individuals so that they can have a deep understanding of their abilities and develop them effectively.



One of the prerequisites of career of professional flight attendants is that they have to …



We believe that personal differences of diplomats can make big differences in foreign policy of countries …



It is indisputable how much military forces must be cognitively developed and ready …



If you have a proper and thorough understanding of your cognitive skills, you will easily be able to make decision about your future career …

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Today, the hospitality industry is one of the most important and most lucrative industries in any country, and for example, a country like Turkey, unlike our …



Having learned 22 living languages absolutely without any teacher, gave this opportunity to Ali Pirhani, PhD …



Bankers and individuals who make important economic and financial decisions are among those few people …



Based on this, soccer academies are somehow considered soccer universities and they know very well that without …

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Why Cognition?

In today’s world, cognition and science in general play a very important role in the military, media, Diplomacy, banking, education, the aviation industry and so on. Cognition consists of several important parts including thinking, analysis, control, estimating, guessing and decision making.


Ali Pirhani

Ali Pirhani was born in the historical city of Hamadan in 1985. His mother was a teacher and his father was a clerk. Reviewing of his diary…

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