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Cognition is comprised of several important parts including thought, analysis, cognitive control, estimation, guessing, and decision making.

In today’s world, cognition and generally speaking cognitive science play an important role in issues related to military, security, media, diplomacy, banking, education, aviation industry, etc. It is indisputable that powerful countries in the world including the United States and England are investing vastly in cognitive science. Ali Pirhani, PhD, maintains that cognitive science is among the most complicated and mysterious academic topics in the world and governments have no choice other than paying special attention to this branch of science.
Cognition is comprised of several important parts including thought, analysis, cognitive control, estimation, guessing, and decision making. A considerable percentage of cognitive development is complete until 17.
That’s why remarkable contributions can be made to development of countries through precise implementation of cognitive programs.
Dr. Pirhani’s experiences at Aspire Academy, Qatar, which is the largest sports academy in the world, helped him to contemplate the fact that why some soccer players outperform other soccer players in critical and decisive situations? Why some soccer players act better than their teammates in passing? Why some of the most famous strikers in the world run less than their peers and yet they have scored more goals? According to the researches carried out at Pirhani Cognition Academy, research team of Dr. Pirhani came to this conclusion that those players who outmatch their peers cognitively, especially in terms of analysis, decision making, estimation, and cognitive control have a higher level than other players and act better than them.
So, it seems that doing goal-oriented cognitive exercises and helping soccer players to have a better understanding of their cognitive abilities will help them remarkably.
Currently, a project named “Cognitive Project” is being carried out by research team of Pirhani Cognition Academy under direct supervision of Dr. Ali Pirhani aimed at enhancing level of cognition of different age and career groups (students, soccer players, pilots, flight attendants, diplomats, and bankers). Term of this program is variable for different age and career groups ranging from three months to one year. Any person who attends cognitive courses of Pirhani Cognition Academy will easily experience effectiveness of cognitive exercises in a period of three months.
The main target audience of this project are children and students. Unfortunately, it should be admitted that due to wrong policies of ministry of education and cultural reasons, our students encounter serious cognitive problems and this has disappointed many parents.
It seems that due to existing weaknesses in this area and waste of the golden period of our children’s lifetime, Pirhani Cognition Academy is able to solve your children’s educational and learning problems using a precise and accurate cognitive program.


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Why Cognition?

In today’s world, cognition and science in general play a very important role in the military, media, Diplomacy, banking, education, the aviation industry and so on. Cognition consists of several important parts including thinking, analysis, control, estimating, guessing and decision making.


Ali Pirhani

Ali Pirhani was born in the historical city of Hamadan in 1985. His mother was a teacher and his father was a clerk. Reviewing of his diary…

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